Posted by: Tina | November 29, 2010

Taking a break from training

I am officially on a break from training. At the end of August, I said I was on a break, but I wasn’t really. I was training to achieve a 10km personal best. I may not have been overly disciplined over the fall months, but the goal was always there in the back of my mind, not letting me slack off too much. But now the race is over – personal best achieved – and I am taking a real break.

What this means is that I have been swimming for the pure enjoyment of being in the water, not for distance, speed, or stamina. I am taking lunch-hour pilates and yoga classes, which are both new to me. I did a spin class last week, and actually enjoyed taking it easy because I didn’t feel like pushing too hard. This is all good for me to recharge until I start up the training again in January. I love that my break month also happens to coincide with the inevitable fatty gluttony that is the lead-up to Christmas.

With all that said, I do plan to focus on building core strength over the coming months (thus, yoga and pilates). Last year I focused so much on developing aerobic endurance that I left strength training by the wayside. I was also post-baby and wanted to be gentle on my abs, especially as I suffered abdominal separation with both pregnancies. I believe I can build core and strength work back in this year, and be stronger and faster for it during the 2011 race season.

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