Posted by: Tina | December 30, 2010

2010 Triathlon Training Goals – A Review

It’s been four months since my final triathlon of the year, so the 2010 training season already has a summery glow of nostalgia enveloping it. I feel like saying it was spectacular, but I know that in addition to the very good times (e.g. Kelowna Apple awesomeness in August), there were a few not-so-great moments when the existential question of “Why the hell am I doing this?” dominated my thoughts (e.g. illness and training burnout in June).

Thankfully, I have a (somewhat) empirical way of assessing my year. I can look at the goals I set at the beginning of 2010 and measure my performance and achievement against them.

How my triathlon training goals changed

You can see that some of my original 2010 training goals are crossed out. You can read in more detail about why and how my goals changed in a post I wrote in July. In summary, they changed because doing six triathlons in six months was a bigger goal than I could reasonably achieve. Kids, life, illness, motivation, and race calendar logistics were all contributing factors. If I had pushed through with the plan, I would have ended up hating triathlon. My new goal – “do a bunch of triathlons” – resulted in less pressure and more fun.

2010 triathlon training goals vs. performance

As for the remaining goals, let’s look at them individually:

  • Do a bunch of triathlons: This was a good non-specific goal for my first year of triathlon training and competition. I did four – one sprint and three Olympic – and got progressively faster. I also had a lot of fun.
  • Be a positive role model for health and fitness to my kids: The training lifestyle does this by default, but my kids are still too young to really appreciate it. Still, my 3.5-year-old daughter insisted on registering in and then running the whole way in two fun runs this year – a 1km and a 1.2km.
  • Achieve the level of fitness I had just before getting pregnant with #2: It’s safe to say that I have a much higher level of fitness now than I have ever had in my life.
  • Lose the “mummy tummy”: I wrote about losing the mummy tummy earlier this year. Since adding core work in my off-season, the mummy tummy is almost completely gone.

Triathlon training goals (plus) achieved

In summary, I achieved my goals for 2010. A few other things also happened along the way:

  • I didn’t just “do triathlons”. I got progressively faster at them. This was because my training was paying off, and also because my confidence grew and I learned a lot about racing, pacing, and transitions.
  • I started thinking of myself as an athlete, not just a fitness buff.
  • My confidence in my athletic ability and effort increased.
  • I learned I am capable of being competitive in my age category. I can realistically set competitive goals in the future.
  • I figured out that I love the Olympic distance triathlon. It’s the perfect length, and the training volume is manageable in my busy life. Ironman can wait a decade or so.

2010 was a big year for me. Plus it was fun, exciting, and challenging (especially those god awful track workouts). Thanks to my coach, Kristina Bangma, for giving me a plan to achieve my goals. Thanks to my husband for not only supporting but encouraging me. And thanks to my parents who put in more hours of childcare than most reasonable grandparents are willing to give.

I’m looking forward to setting new goals for 2011.


  1. nice work 2010 and adjusting your plan to fit you. Sometimes that’s the hardest part. Im always in awe of people who train and keep their passion going while raising kids. Keep it up and get that ironman of the buckets list.

    • Thanks, Nathan! The Ironman is on the list, but it’s too huge of a commitment with two kids under four years old running amok. When they can babysit themselves, I can perhaps consider it.

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