Posted by: Tina | January 30, 2011

Heart Rate Testing

Kristina had me do a couple of heart rate tests last week so we could set my heart rate training zones.

The run test was 3 x 1k as hard as possible, with a complete recovery between each interval. I did it on a treadmill and I misjudged my pace for the first kilometre, going much much easier than I should have. I sped up for the last two intervals but I finished both of those also feeling pretty good. I should have felt like I needed to puke.

My bike test was much closer to the mark. I did it on the trainer – 3 x 5 minutes as hard as I could at around 95rpm, with total recovery between each. By the end of each, I was grunting and gasping for air, so I figure my exertion level was about right. My legs were tired the next day, which indicates to me just how out of shape on the bike I am right now.

My heart rate results on the bike were higher than my results for the run. A person’s max heart rate during running should typically be about 10bpm higher than when biking. My heart rate results were the opposite, which isn’t surprising because I know I could have gone much harder on the run test.

So Kristina has assigned me another run test next week. At the track. Argh. The dreaded track workouts return.

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