Posted by: Tina | February 7, 2011

Swim Test, Take 2

I had to retake my swim test this afternoon because last time I thought I might have miscounted my lengths or misread the clock. Today my results were:

100m sprint: 1:30

800m timed, as fast as I could: 14:43

I find it hard to do a solid timed distance because it’s difficult to focus the whole time. My mind wanders and I either lose count or slow down. However, today I shared my lane with two very fast swimmers so I pushed to keep up and not be passed too often. I think that kept me relatively on task.

As I cooled down, I moved into the slow lane and watched the freestyle form of one of the fast swimmers. He looked like he was hardly kicking at all. I have no clue how someone can swim that fast, yet kick so little.

In a related swim update, I joined a master’s swim program a few weeks ago, and it has been great. It’s helping me improve my swim technique, which I think is the main thing that can make me a faster swimmer. My swim coach has already pointed out a fairly major problem with my freestyle stroke, which I am working to correct.

We also do a lot of other strokes, which may not be that useful for my triathlon training. However, it does make me realize how extremely inefficient I am at any stroke other than freestyle. And I’m getting closer to my lifelong dream of being able to do the butterfly without looking like an injured seal on the cusp of drowning.

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