Posted by: Tina | March 28, 2011

Weekly Training – March 21-27 (tough)

Last week, I was in week 3 of a build. It was also the week during which the increase in training slapped me upside the head; I had to have a serious conversation with my coach about how we could change my training to accommodate the fact that I feel very sad when I have to do a workout after work instead of going home to hang out with my kids. This is also the week where I realized I might not do this next year. I think my husband, who trains for marathons and is registered for the Whistler GranFondo, and I need to come to a mutual agreement about who gets to be the training focus each year.

So, back to my workouts, which I haven’t really been logging here as religiously as last year. Last week, my workouts were:

  1. Monday: Swim, with fins and hand paddles. Near the end, two very fast swimmers joined my lane and I was much slower than them even when using fins and hand paddles. Yet again, I am humbled. My swimming may be better than many, but it is also much worse than many. After work, I ran slowly home (one hour at a slow pace in zone 1 even though it was supposed to be 1hr20). I will be running to and from work more often since combining workouts with my commute seems to be one option for fitting in my requisite workouts.
  2. Tuesday: Bike, then run. I was supposed to do four 6-minute bike hill repeats with my gears in various configurations. I went to Prospect Point in Stanley Park during my lunch break, but it turns out to be more like a 4-minute hill. I also bike commuted (30 mins there all downhill, and about 40 minutes back mostly uphill), and went for a 10-minute run after getting home at the end of the day.
  3. Wednesday: Master swim class.
  4. Thursday: Running speed intervals. It was supposed to be at the track, but I did it on the treadmill instead. 10 x 400m, averaging about 1:38 for each interval. I was supposed to pick a pace I could hold for all 10 intervals, and this was a 4:05/km pace. My heart rate didn’t go as high as I would have expected. I really should be doing these workouts at the track. When there is more light in the mornings, I am committed to no longer using the treadmill except in desperate circumstances, such as the pouring rain, or due to logistical difficulties.
  5. Friday: Easy run. I jogged to work. It took me 45 minutes.
  6. Saturday: Glorious ride on a sunny Saturday morning. On the road by 7:30am, out to Iona Beach, then back around UBC and home. It was hard to keep my heart rate down. I kept getting excited by my happy mood and started cranking harder and faster.

Sunday was a rest day, and now I am in a recovery week. Hooray!

(A parenthetical observation: I may also now be adjusted to the training increase, so perhaps the long-term effect in terms of motivation and general happiness won’t be as dire as predicted above. Time will tell.)

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