Posted by: Tina | May 18, 2011

The Accident That Has Ended Things for Awhile

I am not training.

There is a simple explanation. I had a bike accident that left me with a broken wrist, 2.5 missing teeth, and a major hit to my morale and determination.

Almost five weeks ago, I was biking to the running track for an early morning workout. It was frosty and as I turned right from one bike route to another, my tires hit black ice and I crashed headlong into the pavement. Rather, I was later told that I slipped in black ice because I have no recollection of the event. I remember starting to turn right, and my next clear memory is of riding in the ambulance, clutching my face and exclaiming, “My teeth, what happened to my teeth?!”

I have other snippets of memory – a firefighter telling me where they were going to take my bike (although I can’t remember seeing the fire truck or hearing sirens), trying and failing to recite my home phone number for the RCMP officer to call my husband, not wanting to sit on a nearby bench because it was frosty and I didn’t want a cold wet bum. According to the firefighter with whom I later spoke when I picked up my bike, the call had come in that I was “conscious, but confused”.

While I vigorously advocate for the use of bike helmets, mine was completely unscathed. The brunt of the impact was to the lower right half of my face, although I must have partially broken my fall with my left hand (thus, the broken wrist). I also had some seriously ugly abrasions on my face that have since healed.

Over the last four weeks, I have had three root canals, two extractions (one by accident – the tooth popped out in the middle of a root canal), and a dental bone graft, the first step on the slow, unpleasant, uncomfortable, and extremely expensive road towards dental implants.

Therefore, I have not trained, let alone exercised. This is partly because of physical limitations and doctor’s orders, but mostly because I have not been motivated to work out in the wake of the accident. I rode a stationary bicycle three times, went water running once, did core exercises twice, and felt sorry for myself a lot. I am now demoralized and woefully out of shape.

Needless to say, my training goals for 2011 will change. I have already missed my first scheduled triathlon (I was supposed to race in Oliver last Sunday). My fitness is compromised, so I’ll have to spend time getting fit again. But the part of all this that has really surprised me is how relieved I was some days that I had an excuse not to train. Maybe one of the (many) lessons learned in this is that I’m not quite as excited about and committed to my goals as I thought I was.

My cast came off yesterday, replaced with a brace. I have been given the go ahead to start running again and in a couple of weeks I can return to all normal activity. This morning my dentist cleared me to start gentle exercise (I was told no strenuous activity for at least a week following dental surgery), so my plan as a first step is to go for an easy jog this Friday afternoon.

From there, I’ll figure out what comes next.


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