Posted by: Tina | June 3, 2011

Shifting to positive

Over the last two weeks, my outlook has shifted from “everything sucks” to “yay!” Since my last post in which I revealed how sorry for myself I was as a result of The Accident, the wrist brace came off, the pain in my wrist ebbed, my mouth stopped hurting, and I started to exercise again. I did a few intense spin classes, swam a kilometre without stopping (a few times), and went for several runs. Although my recovery from the first run took awhile (i.e., I had trouble walking down stairs for a couple of days), I wasn’t sore at all after the next few runs.

So things are looking up. Although the factors listed above contributed, plus the good weather forecast for this weekend, 90% of the outlook shift is due to being able to work out again. This experience has shown me how essential exercise is in my life. When I work out, my self-esteem goes up. I feel better; I feel like I look better; I am more confident; I am friendlier; and I am happier. This contributes to the cycle of making the people in direct contact with me happier, which makes me happier, and so on.

I do know there are tough days when I’m trying to stick to a training schedule and keep life ticking away for me and my family. This is just an issue of finding the right balance – overall, I know I must have fitness in my life. Now I have it back. And that makes me happy.

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