Posted by: Tina | August 20, 2011

Kelowna Apple Triathlon 2011 Eve

It’s the night before my second Kelowna Apple Triathlon. My goals are to:

1. Go as hard as I can, especially on the run.

My training was off this year, so in recent weeks I focused on running. This is where I will put my attention in the race. And I’m not going to use my Garmin anything. Just me focusing on maintaining the pace I’ve been practicing. Oh, and go hard up Knox Mountain.

2. Not be too hard on myself or set expectations too high.

It is unlikely that I will be faster than last year, as my bike and swim fitness is much lower. Plus the temperature is going to be high and I start late so it’ll likely be a tough day. (But, secretly, I hope to surprise myself.)

3.  Have fun

My entire family is going to be there with cattle bells ringing. I plan to enjoy the noise my kids are capable of making.

If you’re in Kelowna, watch for me – I’ll be wearing hot pink and a huge grin.


  1. […] this year and it is a competitive one. I finished 23 of 58. Still, I was happy because I achieved my goals and I truly enjoyed the race. Almost all of my lost time was from the bike, so at least I have a […]

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