Posted by: Tina | December 3, 2011

Weight Loss Secrets Revealed!

Or, how my brother lost a bunch of weight and learned to love running!

First, a warning. There are no “secrets” to weight loss. I can guarantee that what you are about to read is nothing you haven’t read before. The story is very similar to the ones you often see as inspirational profiles in Shape Magazine or Runner’s World.

My brother has long carried a bit of extra weight, even though he has been a bike commuter for many years (and he’s fast on that bike). However, you may also know there are many fast and fit bikers out there who also carry extra weight, unless they’re trying to be faster and more competitive, in which case it’s better to be skinny and powerful.

In 2010, he made a bunch of lifestyle changes. His goal wasn’t necessarily to lose weight, but the changes he made had the happy outcome of helping him drop around 25 lbs in 3-4 months. Most importantly, he still keeps the weight off more than a year later. These are his success factors:

  1. Diet. This is #1, bar none. He started eating breakfast. He cut back on quantity (half a sandwich at lunch instead of a whole). He combined food in a smart way (proteins/fats/carbs).
  2. Exercise. He started running. I’m not sure where the motivation for this came from, especially since he used to mock me for running races.
  3. Consistency. This applies to both diet and exercise. So much so that he now talks about “needing” to go for a run because it makes him feel good.
  4. Willpower. I have seen him turn down a second piece of dessert on more than one occasion. His portions at family dinners are also markedly smaller despite the ridiculous amounts always on offer. He knows it isn’t his last meal. He will have other opportunities to taste those delicious things!

And that is it. These are his weight loss secrets. Not secrets. Not new. But there’s a reason this is broken record advice. They are the only things that will actually make you lose weight.

P.S. Don’t tell my brother I wrote this because he would kill me. But I think it’s a good story.

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