Posted by: Tina | January 3, 2012

Week 1: Optimism as training begins

I started training this week, armed with optimism and enthusiasm, and greatly motivated by the copious amounts of baked goods, Bailey’s, rum and eggnog, and other assorted junk I consumed over the holidays (must there be chocolate every day at work?). As you can see from this weekly workout summary, my coach has me easing back into it even though I feel ready to go out hard. But it’s the smart way.

Tuesday, January 3 (#1): 35mins easy on the bike at the gym at work. Finished a book. My right knee was bothering me for some reason, which is unusual. For the first time since starting at the gym, two of the three bikes were in use (resolutions driving attendance?), but the spin bike that I prefer was free for me.

Wednesday, January 4 (#2): 630am, first time at Hillcrest Pool at 50m lengths. They keep the medium and fast lanes extra wide to aid with passing, which makes the pool feel a bit like an open water triathlon swim. Did 1500m, some as drills, some as building sets of 50m and 100m. It felt great to be in the pool and still be able to keep up in the fast lane.

Thursday, January 5 (#3): Today, the completion of a horrible task: the dreaded heart rate test at the track. I headed to Swangard during lunch hour for a 3km test. My fitness is way down because I held a pace slightly faster than my PR 10k (4:30/km) and thought I was dying, plus my legs are now incredibly sore. My heart rate average was 178 bpm, and max was 184, unchanged from last year. I timed each 1km lap, and my speed declined on each – 4:21, 4:28, 4:35. On the bright side, it wasn’t raining, though I had prepared for a drenching.

Friday, January 6 (#4): Pumped up my nearly-flat road bike tires and climbed on the trainer just after 6am this morning. An easy ride with a few builds and pick-ups. Watched an episode of Californication, season 1. Have you seen that show?! Incredible.

Rest day tomorrow, which is welcome since my legs are sore enough to make walking uncomfortable (clearly, the “easing” comment in the intro paragraph was written before the track workout).

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