Posted by: Tina | January 13, 2012

Week 2: Six days of training

I’ve been doing a lot of late-in-the-day workouts, which is not my usual modus operandi. I have long been a morning workout person – I like to get it over with early and then sloth out in the evenings. But life seems to dictate I’ll be doing a few more evening workouts this year, at least partly because I’ll be using my real bike more often, rather than spin bikes at the gym. This was also the first week in a long while when I had six straight days of workouts, so I’m feeling pretty tired and looking forward to the Saturday rest day.

Sunday, January 8 (#5): 50-minute run in the cool wet drizzle, which was a deluge by the time I finished. Ran a circuitous route to my brother’s house for dinner, a distance of 9.16 km according to the foot pod. Kept it in Zone 1 (below 151 bpm), though there were a few spikes as I ran uphill. My heart rate graph closely matches the elevation profile of the run.

Monday, January 9 (#6): Only lasted about 25 minutes in the outdoor pool with the Pacific Spirit Triathlon Club (600 metres of warm up and drills). Then I was hit something fierce by cold water vertigo and did not complete the scheduled hour of swimming.

Tuesday, January 10 (#7): Heart rate test on my bike, on the trainer, in the garage. 2 x 5mins as hard as I consistently could, with an 8-minute easy spin in between. It made sense to do this twice since it was much easier to crank up the heart rate on the second set after getting well warmed up during the first. The difference in heart rate reflects this. First 5min: 159 avg, 170 max (barely moving!). Second 5min: 172 avg, 180 max (much harder).

Wednesday, January 11 (#8): Speed workout run over lunch hour on a crisp and sunny day. Headed over to Central Park and did a bit of this on the track at Swangard Stadium. Just alternated bouts of Z3 and Z1 pace. Felt great! I got my Garmin Forerunner 50 battery replaced, and am still impressed by the accuracy of the foot pod (rivals, if not betters, GPS).

Thursday, January 12 (#9): Some Z3 intervals on the stationary bike in the gym at work. I had planned on getting up early to do this on my own bike on the trainer in the garage, but failed to do so.

Friday, January 13 (#10): Swim test at Hillcrest Pool, which was very busy this morning. 100m: 1:40, 1000m: 19:35. Both are slightly approximate because it was so busy and I got waylaid a couple times by traffic jams, and running into someone who wanted to chat briefly. Almost skipped this workout but realized that I shouldn’t give myself license to skip workouts so early in the training. Glad I went, because I felt great afterward!


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