Posted by: Tina | January 20, 2012

Week 3: Balancing work and training

I completed only five workouts this week. My swim club cancelled our Monday night swim because of heating problems with the UBC outdoor pool (i.e., water very cold!). I was grateful because the outside air temperature was hovering around 0 degrees (C). My coach, who also swims there on Monday nights, told me to enjoy my night off. I took the night off, sans guilt.

Work escalated into full-on pandemonium this week and – for the first time since starting triathlon training two years ago – I seriously wondered if keeping it together this year will be possible. My structured training/life schedule is not conducive to putting in extra hours or taking work home. But I will persevere, if only because training keeps me saner. And being busy and just a little bit stressed makes the workouts feel even better.

Sunday, January 15 (#11): 55-minute Z1 run on a treadmill at the community centre across the street. Listened to two episodes of Freakonomics radio. Total distance was approximately 10km. It’s always a bit of a crap shoot going to this gym as they vigorously enforce the 20-minute limit on all the cardio equipment. If it’s a busy day, you get booted off the moment your 20 minutes is up. But late afternoon on a Sunday appears to be golden. I was able to get off and sign up for the same treadmill three times.  I should note that I prefer to run outside, but the snow and ice made running on outside sidewalks more precarious than I like.

Tuesday, January 17 (#12): 45-minutes hill work on the bike, alternating 2-min Z3 hills with decreasing amounts of Z1 descent rests (2m, 1:30, 1m, 30s). Went through the set twice, plus warmup and cooldown. I did this on the trainer in my garage, early in the morning.

Wednesday, January 18 (#13): Morning swim at Hillcrest, where the calibre of swimmers has suddenly shot up. As a result, I’ve been shunted into the medium speed lane. Thankfully, the lanes are wide, though there are a few swimmers in the lane who haven’t figured out that they should now move into the slow lane. I did 600 meters of scull drills, then 2 x 500 meters, plus warmup and cooldown, for a total of 2000 meters. Arms were tired from the drills, and a bit sore the day after.

Thursday, January 19 (#14): Busy day at work, but went to the gym at the end of the day to do some hill repeats on the treadmill. There are no shortage of hills around my office building, but I didn’t feel like running in sub-zero temperatures on ice. Some people live and train in places where there is real winter for months on end, but I do not. I do not like it, so I take it indoors when it gets cold and slippery. 40 minutes total. My left knee was sore later in the evening.

Friday, January 20 (#15): 6:30am start on the bike trainer in sub-zero temperatures in the garage. Some single-leg intervals, followed by 2-min Z3 intervals, interspersed with 1-min Z1 rest. I was supposed to do five sets, but did six without thinking. Total time on bike: 45 mins.

P.S. Three out of five of my workouts were in the early morning, so my prediction of evening workouts has already proven inaccurate.

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