Posted by: Tina | January 28, 2012

Week 4: Dragging to the pool

In a recovery week. These are always welcome, but they’re never quite as easy as I think/hope they will be.

It has become apparent that the swims – as usual – are going to be the toughest workouts to get motivated for. Last year, the pool I used was just downstairs in my office building so it didn’t take too much effort to get there. I switched jobs in September, so now I have to really plan ahead on swim days because it requires a bit more travel to and from the pool. The Monday swims with the tri club should be a bit easier to get motivated for because I am nothing if not cheap, and I hate missing workouts that I’ve already paid for (but it’s a 25-minute drive!).

Sunday, January 22 (#16): An hour-long slow and easy 10km run on a blustery Sunday morning. Felt good, although I was a bit stiff in the right hip by the end of the day. It was nice to get this done and out of the way early.

Monday, January 23 (#17): UBC Aquatic Centre has fixed its heater and the outdoor pool was nice and toasty. I wore earplugs but I’m not sure they were necessary since the pool temperature is now the same as an indoor pool. It was a great workout, and swimming with the club is definitely going to push me to go harder. It’s lovely swimming in an outdoor pool in the dark evening, steam rising from the water. Doing backstroke during the cooldown, I thought of how lovely it will be on a clear night, stars winking down.

Tuesday, January 24 (#18): 40 minutes on the spin bike at the gym over lunch, all in Z1 (under 140 bpm). Reading Roger Ebert’s Life Itself, which is excellent.

Wednesday, January 25:  Um, nothing. Skipped the scheduled early-morning swim due to multiple nocturnal visits from my toddler.

Thursday, January 26 (#19): 45 minutes on the spin bike at the gym over lunch, all in Z1. Caught up on a couple of back issues of Maclean’s. When and how else would I find topics that make me appear more erudite and interesting?

Friday, January 27 (#20 and #21): A double workout day, because I couldn’t bear the thought of swimming only once for two weeks in a row. In the morning, I hit Hillcrest Pool for an endurance workout, completing a total distance of 2000 metres. The incredibly fast swimmers who clogged up the pool last week – apparently, Canadian Olympic Team hopefuls – were gone this week so the pool was quiet. At lunch, I went for an easy 35-minute run criss crossing the trails of Central Park in Burnaby. Ran past a coyote.

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