Posted by: Tina | February 11, 2012

Week 6: Just one of those weeks

Saturday, February 4 (#28): 1:45 ride to Whytecliff Park and Horseshoe Bay on a lovely sunny day. My family met me at the other end and we ferried over to Bowen Island for a birthday party. The total time includes all the stops and coasting as I wound my way through the city to the Lion’s Gate Bridge. As I stopped at what felt like every traffic light in downtown Vancouver, I felt envy for the friend of mine who lives in Kelowna who claims he can go for 3-hour rides and stop just once or twice at traffic lights.

Monday, February 6 (#29): Swimming with the tri club is making me push harder than when I swim on my own. We did “best 200s” and I was clearly over ambitious, because I couldn’t hold the pace on the second set. Fun challenge though!

Tuesday, February 7 (#30): Double brick on a cold frosty morning. The main set was two rounds of six minutes of Z3 on the bike, followed by six minutes of running in Z4. It was dark when I started, and light when I finished.

Wednesday, February 8 (#31): Went for a swim at a nearby pool at lunch. I had to rush and it still took more time than I wanted, but it’s nice to have this option. The pool was nearly empty and I shared a double-wide line with only one other person for much of the time (only a 25m pool though). The workout was mostly scull drills and kicking with fins. 1950 metres total.

Friday, February 10 (#32): The usual morning spin on the bike in the garage, with longer length Z3 intervals.

Saturday, February 11 (#33): Yes, Saturday is supposed to be a rest day, but I got caught at work on Thursday and couldn’t get in my run that day. I asked my coach if I should just take an extra day off (wishful thinking) and she told me no, since speed work is important right now. Which means I went to the weird circular Memorial Park track on Saturday afternoon for 400m repeats, averaging about 1:30 for each. My abs were sore after, which is weird.

With my rest day shifted forward two days, I am now basically going to have eight days straight without a rest, so I suspect Im going to be tired this week, or a skipped workout is inevitable.

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