Posted by: Tina | February 20, 2012

Week 7: Ends with a sore knee

I made it through eight workouts straight last week, leading up to a most lovely Saturday rest. I ended the week with a sore left knee, which is the one that derailed my triathlon aspirations more than a decade ago. I am worried.

Sunday, February 12 (#34): This was a long and boring ride, no doubt about it. Why? Because I spent two hours in Z1 on my bike trainer in the garage. I read a Maclean’s, finished the second season of Californication, and started the heinous – yet enjoyable – Morning Glory. When else would I watch such schlock, if not for Netflix and long boring indoor rides?

Monday, February 13 (#35): Monday night swim in the UBC pool. Clear night, pushed hard.

Tuesday, February 14 (#36): Thoroughly unpleasant triple brick. But it was good. I did it at the gym on the spin bike and treadmill. 3 x (6m Z3 on the bike, 6m Z4 run). I never would have expected Z3 to feel like a rest, but with my heart rate on the run hovering between 175 and 180, a heart rate of 160 felt like breathing space.

Wednesday, February 15 (#37): 2250m swim in the morning. I was tired and did not want to be there, so I got through this by telling myself I would leave after the next lap, for EVERY LAP. And then, there I was, finished!

Thursday, February 16 (#38): 1 hour in Z1 on the bike trainer in the garage.

Friday, February 17 (#39): Hill intervals on the treadmill, which really sucked. Hills should really not be done on the treadmill because it takes so long to get to the right incline. I would have done it outside but it started downpouring in the afternoon and I didn’t have the right gear.

Sunday, February 19 (#40): I was supposed to do a long run but, due to my sore knee, I did an hour on the bike trainer instead. Nothing special to report.

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