Posted by: Tina | March 13, 2012

Week 10: A cold. And my birthday.

Well, now, this is getting boring, isn’t it? I am so far behind that the struggle to catch up is stripping these posts of what little personality they had to begin with. Nonetheless, I shall forge on. Thoughts I do want to catch up on include the nagging knee problem, how hard “tough” workouts should really feel, why having had an infant in your life makes you ripe for athletic training, and figuring out how to race “on the button” in the swim and bike legs of a triathlon.

Tuesday, March 6 (#51): We got home from our ski trip in the early afternoon on a beautiful sunny day, so I took my long (1:05) run outside. It was lovely, but hard to keep the pace down when I noticed another guy running behind me with his dog. The competitive part of me didn’t want him to pass, so my pace – and heart rate – picked up. I could hear him huffing so I suspect he was really trying to catch me. Luckily after about five minutes, I turned one way and he went another. Two lessons here: 1) if you are running behind me, I am probably aware of it and think we are racing, and 2) don’t let yourself get caught in this trap because slow runs are supposed to be slow, and going too fast can compromise the training plan!

Wednesday, March 7: My 36th birthday! But I had a cold so I skipped my scheduled swim. It was a mild cold so it was more like an excuse because I didn’t want to get out of my warm bed at 6am.

Thursday, March 8 (#52): 50 minutes on the bike at the gym, doing the usual intervals of Z3 and Z1. Still had a cold, but an indoor bike ride is an easy thing to do.

Friday, March 9 (#53): Hill workout on the treadmill. 50 minutes total, with six one-minute hard fast runs up a 4% grade hill (it was supposed to be steeper but I pulled exertion back because of the cold).

Saturday, March 19 (#54): Friday night, I was pleased with myself because I changed my worn-out road bike tire all by myself, which John at Pacific Multisport said would be a challenge. I half wanted it to rain on Saturday morning because I didn’t really feel like going for a “real ride” on the road, but wanted to instead sit on the trainer with a good book and/or Netflix. It wasn’t raining, so I got up early and was on the road by 730 am for a 2.5 hour ride out to Richmond, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was my first time using the Canada Line sky bridge bike path, which is awesome and the single most pleasant way of biking over the Fraser – good-bye Arthur Laing! Also, it takes me just 20 minutes to get into Richmond where it’s basically stop-free and low-traffic riding. I should go out there more often, but I’m always scared I’ll get lost. After the ride, I got a pedicure and had a lazy movie-watching Saturday with a girlfriend.

Sunday morning, I woke up with the cold almost completely gone. Hooray!

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