Posted by: Tina | March 20, 2012

Week 11: The knee of great pain

My week started off great, and ended badly. My knee has been getting better, but my Sunday run seems to have hooped it again, even worse than before. I have real concerns about my triathlon season.

I’m not usually one to dwell on numbers, but I also hit 60 workouts since starting training in January. This seems pretty good to me.

Monday, March 12 (#55): I missed the Critical Swim Speed test when I skipped the workout the week before (hitting the pow!), so the coach made me and a few others make it up. The test was 400m as hard as could be sustained, followed by some easy laps, then another 200m as hard as cold be sustained. Plunk those times into a formula of some kind and, voila, you have your critical swim speed for 100m. Mine is apparently 1:43, though I’m pretty sure that’s wrong. It’s supposed to feel challenging, but not so challenging that you can’t sustain many repetitions at that pace, with only a brief rest in between (15s or less). I’m going to have to check with the coach since he’s the one who was recording times.

Tuesday, March 13 (#56): Double brick. The difference this week is that my six minutes on the bike were in Z4, higher than my usual Z3 for bricks. Followed by six-minute Z4 run, then five-minute walk. Not easy.

Wednesday, March 14 (#57): Swim in the morning, with a long warmup. Main set was 4x100m at critical swim speed, with a ten-second rest between each. Then a 400m time trial. My time was 7:20. This seemed fast to me, so I may have misread the time (I use the clocks on the wall, since I don’t have a waterproof watch). But it is also possible that I was this fast. In the late afternoon, I warmed up for a bit at the gym then did a bunch of stretches prescribed by my physio.

Thursday, March 15 (#58): At the gym on the bike doing intervals at lunch.

Friday, March 16 (#59): Got to the gym early to do hills on the treadmill. The main set was 3 x 3 minutes on a six per cent grade, at a hard fast tempo, with a six-minute recovery between each. The first one wasn’t too hard because I was trying to figure out what the right pace was for me to hold for the entire three minutes. Second one was too hard and I had to peel the pace back in the last minute. Third set was just right, i.e. hard but attainable.

Sunday, March 18 (#60): Took a Saturday rest day, but drank just a teensy bit too much both Friday and Saturday nights so long-run Sunday was rough. But I did 70 minutes in Z1, taking a little tour of the city from the east side to the west side. My knee felt great, but then went into mortal shock immediately upon my return home and is now paining me greatly.

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