Posted by: Tina | March 27, 2012

Week 12: Recovery relief

A recovery week, so mostly easy stuff. Skipped the Thursday run on account of the knee.

Monday, March 19 (#61): Coldest night yet at the UBC outdoor pool, but at least it’s now still light out when the session begins. We did some kick focus stuff, and then 4x100s alternating critical swim speed, kick, IM and pull. It’s always a shock (and a bit of an embarrassment) when the coach includes butterfly stroke in a set. I just learned butterfly last year, so my form is pretty ugly and mostly consists of floundering. Good for the abs though. Again, my CSS felt way too fast.

Tuesday, March 20 (#62): Easy cycling in my garage. I had to do 2 x 8 minutes alternating each minute between 90 and 100 rpm. I don’t have a cadence monitor on my bike so I downloaded a metronome app to my iPhone and, praise be, it seemed to work! It was a bit boring listening to the tick tock in my ear for 16 minutes but it worked. Before doing this again, I’m definitely going to have to find some songs that are the appropriate cadence.

Wednesday, March 21 (#63): Fast 50s at the pool, with a total of 1400m.

Thursday, March 22 (#64): 45 minutes on the stationary bike at work, all in Z1.

Saturday, March 24 (#65): Gorgeous long bike  ride on a sunny morning, with Darnelle from Eastside Fitness. We headed out to Richmond over the Canada Line Bridge, then out and back on River Road, and then out and back to Iona. There was a wicked headwind on the way out to Iona so it was hard work, but then it was a fast ride back with the wind at our backs.

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