Posted by: Tina | May 13, 2012

Workout #96: Cypress first lookout

Spring has arrived, and I can smell summer coming. Yesterday, I headed over to the North Shore to ride up Cypress Mountain to the first lookout twice and then home again. The cyclists were out in full force – road and mountain – grinding up the hill. I haven’t gone up Cypress since 2008 (between child #1 and child #2) and the first lookout was a bit further than I remembered, so the first repeat was tough because I didn’t pace myself properly. But it was worth it – this is what the view was from the lookout.

With weather like this, it’s getting ever easier to head out on the bike. Which is a good thing since I’m not running or swimming anymore. Triathlon looks like it’s off the table for the rest of this year as the shoulder and knee pain persists.

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