2010 Training Goals

Specific goals:

  1. 6 triathlons in 6 months, at least 2 of which will be Olympic distance Do a bunch of triathlons. [Check!]
  2. 5 pull-ups by September 2010
  3. 20 40 full push-ups in a row by September 2010

Broad goals:

  1. Be a positive role model for health and fitness to my kids [Check!]
  2. Achieve the level of fitness I had just before getting pregnant with #2 [Check!]
  3. Lose the “mummy tummy” [Check!]


  1. […] can see that some of my original 2010 training goals are crossed out. You can read in more detail about why and how my goals changed in a post I wrote […]

  2. […] of my goals when I started training this year was to lose the “mummy tummy”. I was convinced that […]

  3. […] just updated my goals page to more accurately reflect what I am doing this year. Basically, I took off the strength goals […]

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