Posted by: Tina | July 15, 2012

Hiking the Lions

I am having trouble walking today. And taking the stairs is excruciating.

The kids are away this week, so the husband and I decided to do something we don’t get to do very often anymore – go off for a hike! We tried the trail to the Lions since neither one of us have done it before. We made it to the base of the Lions, and stopped. We weren’t equipped for all the snow still remaining so decided not to attempt the top ridge.

Round trip was about six hours, including a break for a leisurely lunch overlooking Howe Sound. It was a beautiful view and a lovely – and sweaty – hike. It also reinforced the fact that you are only as fit as the sport you train for. My husband and I are both fit people, but we certainly haven’t done much hiking lately. My heart powered me up the climb, but my legs are paying for it today (the descent was punishing).

Still, it was great. I used to be do a lot of hiking – I basically traveled Australia going from one multi-day hike to another – and I do miss it. It’s kind of nice for my “A” race to be over so early in the summer so I can do things like this and not worry about missing a targeted workout.

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